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Standing or Lying Down?
How do you prefer your bondage?  

There are so many options I thought I would ask about the most basic part.  Do you prefer to be restrained in a standing or prone position?  

If there is impact play, I prefer my victim to be standing as this is where I have done the most practice.  For other play however a prone position is best.

How do you prefer to be restrained?
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If teaseing I prefer to be laying down and "relaxed"

If impact play is being used I like to be upright or bent over a dpanking bench.
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I like a mixture either up on a cross, or in some sort of bondage on the floor. But as Mistress Jules knows I do love being put into a cage ^_^
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Spreadeagled is my favourite front or back depending on whats to become of me, upright would usually be for punishment purposes. Would love to try a cross or bondage wheel at some point.
I like the cross in the dungeon it has lockable cuffs and with the pull of a cord I am pulled to my tiptoes.
There are so many types of bondage I think I love them all.
Being restrained for punishment the feeling of the last restaint making me totally at her mercy.

Then there is bondage not knowing how long you be left.
This one really fries my brain not knowing what Mistress Jules is doing whilst I am there.
Is she online chatting? Has she deciced to pour a drink and watch a box set.

All the time stand or laying there wondering when she will come back.
Then I hear her coming up the hallway.
Is she coming to free me? Is she just going to the toilet? Or like last time she came to check I was still secure and blindfold me.

The real adrenaline starts the moment I am told I am to be restrained my mind goes 100mph.
All the possible rush through my mind standing, laying, kneeling, on the bed, on the floor, in the cupboard. the list goes on.
So back to the question what is my favourite? Whatever Mistress Jules decides.
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