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Standing or Lying Down?
How do you prefer your bondage?  

There are so many options I thought I would ask about the most basic part.  Do you prefer to be restrained in a standing or prone position?  

If there is impact play, I prefer my victim to be standing as this is where I have done the most practice.  For other play however a prone position is best.

How do you prefer to be restrained?
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If teaseing I prefer to be laying down and "relaxed"

If impact play is being used I like to be upright or bent over a dpanking bench.
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I like a mixture either up on a cross, or in some sort of bondage on the floor. But as Mistress Jules knows I do love being put into a cage ^_^
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Spreadeagled is my favourite front or back depending on whats to become of me, upright would usually be for punishment purposes. Would love to try a cross or bondage wheel at some point.

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