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Now We Start Planning Again
In just over a weeks time I shall be heading down to London.  It is so much better when I am down there as there is less family to deal with so our time is more our own. 

This means the planning starts now.  When do I start the lockdown before my arrival?  I know he is working, is the job the kind that being locked will cause problems or is it a simple job where it will make no difference.  

As I have all the toys up here at present, what will I be taking down with me?  Are there any clubs or munches on when I am down?

What will I take with me to wear when I am down there or should I lock him up and send him shopping for lingerie before I arrive?

The possibilities are endless.
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I am leaving for London on Thursday and the planning process has begun. Sadly whilst Lockit was up here last week we realised that the end of the month is not best for him visiting me due to work. I was out and about and even when I was home I was on the computer.

Then of course I did that stupid fall and cannot believe my ankle is still a problem.

Thursday I will stop and I will go to London and be spoiled and pampered and relax. Isn't it a great thing when you have the opportunity to feel so ultra special.
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Just talk among yourselfs.
I am sure I will find out what I need to know in time.
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