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How Did You Decide On Your Device?
There are so many different styles out there for male chastity devices, how did you decide on yours? 

For some it will be price, for others it will be style for yet more it will be a combination.  How did you decide on yours?

Please tell us which one you decided on and what it looks like, you know I don't know the difference lol
Well, for me was more important to buy a device that satisfies my keyholder! At the end she needs to be happy of me wearing it!
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  • Mistress Jules
We initially went for the visuals of the device and she revelled in that for a long time but although it looked great and was good fun we soon dicovered that with most ball trap devices I could pull out. she also decided she wanted more that just a week and although I was enthusiatic and very willing she could see that at times things could get sore or even when adjusted as much as you can with the device, with night time erections I was not sleeping right.

she asked me to find something more comfortable and more secure.

We tried the Looker 03. A custom device from Steelworxx that is not only a ball trap device but also locks using a PA D-ring for anti pullout. Being a Custom device the fit was great and everything was 100% secure however because I am not circumcised the thin peice of skin that attaches my foreskin to my penis shaft would sometimes be pinched by the D-ring and the Device. This was very painful and although sleeping was easier it was still often interupted.

We then tried the Securo cage 1 from Steelworxxs. This was a big improvement to be fair and removed any ball burn from night time erections. I can wear it for a good long time without too many problems aside from the ocasional bit of soreness on my peircing. We have enjoyed this but the wife has often commented she likes to tease me whilst locked and the device is a closed device . She misses being able to run her tounge over my caged glands and see me bursting before telling me to get dressed. Aso although the device has plenty of drainage the closed design meant sometime urine would become trapped between me and the device only to leak out later. A very small amount but not something that is nice.

We have spent alot on custom devices though and we were not ready to go and spend out again until we found a chinese copy of the Tube Jacket 02 originally made again by steelworxx on ebay for less than £20.00

Figuring we have nothing loose we bought one and so far we are very happy with it. It fits as well as a custom device and has an opening for her to tease me with mercilesly.

We still need to have a proper test drive with it but will happily report back on how we get on.

To sumarise we look for comfort, Security and long term wearability.
If she wants to punish me a little we can still switch back to previous devices that cause night itme issues Confused . I.E. she wants to interupt my sleep or have me endure ball burn for her own pleasure. We ultimatly want a device that can be compleetly forgotten about 99% of the time but very obvious when necesary to enforce her will of chastity.

Hope that helps.
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I kept looking and looking and buying and buying until in the end i decided to find someone who could help build my own design and thats how i ended up in what is now BehindBarz after many many trials.
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If I remember rightly they have invited me to go visit them if I am ever in the area. I really must go do that one day when I am down south.
Please do and for sure let me know when it might be as i would love to pop over to the workshop and meet you there with Joe.

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