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The Rules
Yes I have put rules on here.  I thought it better to do this at the start than try and impose them later.  There are only nine and most of them are fairly basic.  Don't be horrible to people etc. 

I opened this thread so if you wished to discuss them or ask about them you could do so without the thread with the rules on it moving from the front of the Announcements. 

I look forward to hearing from you if you have any questions.
All sounds fair to me.

Please let me know if I overstep my boundries Smile
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You are just looking for an excuse to have a judicial caning Coffee Wink
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Judicial caning even reading the words makes me feel fear.
If that was the punishment for breaking rules you can sure I wil obey.
I have a very high threshhold for pain floggers, single tail whips no problem.
The cane is my achillies heel.
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I am no fan of the cane lmao
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What am I like, I forgot to add what is not allowed to be posted. It is only a small number of subjects which I am sure no one here would be posting about anyway.

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