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Daily Discomfort in Chastity
What do you find in your daily life that can cause discomfort if you are in chastity?
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  • lockit
Wearing it seems to take a bit of getting used to and yes there is a modicum of shall we say fine tuning involved regarding wearing it.

I have quite a physical job and I have noticed sometimes it catches on a sensitive part of little Lewis when I bend and causes a sharp intake of breath from big Lewis along with the paranoia that people know I'm wearing it!

Using public toilets has caused a dilemma, no more standing at the urinal for yours truly, although peeing in the traditional position is possible its more comfortable to opt for the more relaxed position if sitting.

The type of underpants I used to wear is now under review as well as the type of Jeans so again No more skinny jeans for me (lol)

Apart from that ... its a breeze in the park, if you don't count the, what seems like an endless leaking a continual state of sexual  frustration.

But then again, nobody said it was going to be easy and nothing that comes to easy is worth having so I shall endure the sacrifice.
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I don't find the day to day wearing of the device to be too trouble at all to be honest,

I did make changes to my daily routine that has helped me to acheive this.

  1. I apply 2 - 3 times a day Vaseline aloe vera moisturising cream. Because it's oil based it tends to last a good amount of time and lubricate the ring. The Sloe Vera has a soothing and healing effect if the ring does make me a little sore.
  2. I wear tight fitting pants instead of boxers. I find them more supportive of the weight of the device.
  3. A good hygene and cleaning routine. If I feel it necasery the wife will supervise uncaged cleaning.
  4. We alternate between A ball trap device and a P.A. to avoid rubbing and soreness developing in any paticular area.
I am sure there is more and If i think of them I will add them.
[Image: 6whl3fpl0dh6jgtx.png]
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I often experience a weight in the back side of testicles and it is like having a little rope around your neck. You feel there is something that is holding you. I have this sensation constantly during the day.

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