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New device on order
We have had alot of fun with male chastity over the years but there has always been 2 repetive problems that keep bringing an early end to our fun.

1. Forskin getting pinched between the PA lock and the device.
2. In P.A. locking devices without the ball trap the peircing becoming irritated by the weight of the device.

After speaking with a few people I was advised about a company called Rigid Chastity that make a device both with a ball trap for support but a PA lock that does not trap the skin and is designed for those who still have a foreskin.

I had a look and the wife agrees that it's worth a try so new device has ordered. I am still a little skeptical but very hopefull so wish you luck and please share you experiences if you have any of Rigid Chastity.

Link to site in case anyone else wanted to check them out RIGID CHASTITY

This is the device I went for. MODEL 05
[Image: 6whl3fpl0dh6jgtx.png]

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