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Spanking is where many start their journey into the world of kink and fetish play.  For many this is not considered BDSM and is just a bit of sensual play in their sex lives.  Very often it is accompanied by some role play and costumes to give a scenario where spanking is involved eg naughty schoolgirl/boy. 

Initially a hand spanking is used which often goes no further than leaving the recipient with a pink bottom and a slightly tingly feeling.

For some who wish to go a bit further paddles can be introduced.  A paddle can be anything from a wooden spoon or spatula from the kitchen up to a custom made leather or wooden implement designed for the purpose.

Once implements are used the results become more pronounced.  Results can range from a red bottom to heavy bruises which leave marks for some time.  This is often seen as a badge of honour for those who enjoy the increased sensation this kind of play can bring.

Please feel free to ask questions or add information to this thread.
We have never played with a paddle or spanking instrument, It something we want to experiment with.

Do you have any paticular favourites?
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A paddle is probably best to start with as it has a larger area of impact, less concentrated sensations. A wooden spoon is great but small area makes it quite powerful.
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