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A husband’s journey into chastity, feminisation and eventual cuckoldry
It was another cold and dark late night in September and Shane was tired as he walked through the door and went into the home he shared with his wife of 20 years.  he walked in, hung up his coat, took of his shoes and fell into his favourite chair ready to sit relax and enjoy whatever would be showing on the telly that night. Shane was a fairly big man at over 6ft tall, He had a handsome if not rugged look about him,  He was proud of that as it reminded him that he was a working man and that he had worked hard to provide for his family. The constant physical graft had taken an unexpected toll on his relationship though as he was often left feeling exhausted in the evenings and too tired to make love to his wife instead often opting to indulge himself by masturbating to meet his own needs and desires.

Jessica was beautiful, A tall woman that wore a  size 14 UK dress size with long legs and a well-toned body. She had shoulder length black that complimented her kind and very sexy face. Her eyes always had a way of hypnotising anyone brave enough to consider looking into them.
She loved her husband with all her heart and had worked hard herself to ensure he always had a warm welcoming home to come back to after work. She kept it clean, tidy and always had a hot meal ready for her husband. She was happy to do this whilst her kids were at home as there was always something to occupy her mind and keep her busy but since their last child had left for University she had found her home to be quiet and isolating. She would look forward to her husband’s return home and quietly crave his attention and touch, but she knew that he would be tired. She knew that he masturbated when he was alone because he would clean himself on his boxers before putting them into the washing pile and she knew in her heart that things were not going to change in their relationship unless she took matters into her own hands and made that change happen herself.

That’s when it started, 6 months ago she had been on the internet and searched for ways to improve things between them. To reignite the spark, they had both once felt for each other. She had followed the advice on many relationship websites and although they had shared a few passionate nights together all too soon the inevitable routine would creep its way back into their life and Shane would revert to his old self. Feeling she had tried everything she remembered a website mentioning something she felt at the time was a joke but had secretly made her smile and a little wet. It was a small article written by a wife in a very similar situation to herself that had detailed how a male chastity device had saved her marriage.
To read the article you would had thought of it as a miracle cure, but Jessica had dismissed it out of hand because she thought it was extreme and most likely written by a man enjoying a chance to write about his fantasies. Now she was desperate, lonely and wanted her husband to notice her again, so she investigated the article and a blog written by the same Author. She was amazed and after reading the whole thing she knew she had to try one last time to restore her marriage.
While Shane had been asleep she taken his measurements. She ordered a custom-made device from the internet. It was expensive, but she since she felt this could be her last chance to gain her husband’s attention restore the spark to her marriage she clicked the button to pay for the device. She waited patiently until it arrived.

Shane sat in his chair waiting for his wife to come walking cheerfully into the living room but instead heard her call to him from upstairs “have you a second honey, I need you up here for a moment”.
He made his way upstairs to find his wife and nearly tripped over himself as he walked into the bedroom to see his wife standing in front of him wearing a skimpy blue and black patterned Basque with stockings. She was wearing a ruby red lipstick that stood out against her jet-black hair. Her makeup was perfect giving her eyes smoky mysterious look. She smiled at him and those ruby red lips were begging to be kissed.
She looked fantastic and despite being tired he was already beginning to feel his cock coming to life in his pants. She walked up to him and kissed him passionately pushing her tongue into his mouth, melting her body into his arms as he led her towards the bed.
She stopped him, told him to get undressed and to lay on the bed. She said she had been planning this evening for 2 months and asked that he indulge her. She winked and said she would make it a night he would never forget.
Feeling horny and without hesitation Shane quickly threw his clothes onto the floor, climbed onto their bed and lay on his back. Jessica climbed onto the bed beside him and gently lifted his head to tie a silk scarf around his eyes, so he couldn’t see. She then tied his hands together and secured them to the bed limiting his ability to move. This in it self was not too alarming to Shane, He had noticed over the years she enjoyed taking control sometimes in bed and was very happy to indulge her.  
She ran her hands slowly over his chest and made her way down until she gently took hold of his now hard cock and slowly began to rub his shaft, she teased him by keeping her grip as loose possible and only moving her hand up and down as slowly she could. she began to whisper in his ear that she has a naughty new game she wanted to try, and would he be willing to play along? She emphasised her grip of his cock as she said “well will you play a game with me” she told him it would not be easy and that he should consider his response carefully before agreeing to her request.
Shane was enjoying the moment but was still curious and asked what she had mind. No, she said she as she released her grip on his cock and lowered her mouth to his swollen glands, “that is a surprise she said”. He could feel her hot breath on the tip of his cock and when she gently flicked her tongue over it he nearly bounced clean of the bed. She licked him from the bottom of his balls all the way up to and over the top of his cock their eyes briefly locking before she swallowed him whole, rubbing her tongue over the most sensitive part of his penis as she did.
Shane was losing himself to his lust and desire to come into his wife’s mouth. She was in fact an expert cocksucker and knew exactly how to pleasure him in a way very few others had been able to. Time and time again she would bring him to the edge of orgasm before reducing the pressure she had on his cock and denying him the chance to enjoy his climax. Shane was slowly becoming desperate and sensing this Jessica took her chance, she whispered again that she wanted to play a game, it is not a quick game she told him, they would play for a about a week and it wouldn’t be easy. She said she would make it very much worth his while and that if he said yes at the end of the week she would allow him to fuck her ass.
She wasn’t the biggest fan of this and Shane knew that. In the last 20 years he had only experience anal sex 6 times so knew this was something she really wanted. “will you play?” she asked holding his throbbing cock in her hands manipulating his glands with her fingers.
Desperate to feel her mouth again Shane just blurted out the word yes and with that Jessica again swallowed her husband’s cock deepthroating him. Within seconds he felt the pressure rise and started shooting a huge load of thick sticky cum straight into her very willing mouth, she swallowed every sweet drop making sure to clean his cock as thoroughly as she could until he became overcome with sensitivity and begged her to stop.
She raised herself and as he began to go limp he could feel something cold around his balls. Pop pop went his testicles and a few seconds later he felt something slip over his penis. It was cold, hard and felt like it was encasing his whole cock. His mind began to fill with curiosity, wondering what she doing to him. Was this part of her game? What have I just agreed to? He felt one last pull on his penis and realised she had removed his PA piercing ring but was replacing it with another. A moment later he felt her slip up the bed and remove his blindfold.

His smile fading it began to register what was happening, as he looked down he could see his wife had locked his cock inside a small very snug fitting Male chastity device, something he had never even thought of before was now firmly attached to him by a lock running through the PA piercing on the end of cock, It also had a second lock built into the device at the top near his stomach.
Unable to believe his eyes he asked her what on earth she was doing. She told him she had warned him not to agree too quickly and that for the rest of the week he would be locked up in this device. “I love you” she said “but I have sat next to you for so many nights, laid in our bed next to you desperate to feel your touch without wanting to pressure you because I know you are tired but also knowing you have the energy to masturbate when I am not here. Now for one week I have decided it’s time to turn the tables and show you what it is like to desire a person but have to wait for them to notice you.
So this week you will wear this device. You will cuddle me when I want you to, you will show me how much I mean to you by showing me as much affection as you can manage and Most importantly you will service my every sexual desire when I want you to. You will give me some space when I feel I need it and since you agreed to this little game you will not pester me to remove this device until the end of the week when I promise to remove it and as agreed you can fuck me in the ass.

Shane was flooded with a mix of emotions, he knew he had been coerced into agreeing to her little game and he did not want to wear this thing for a week but her comments about him masturbating had stung him a little. He did not want to admit it, but she was right. He had found at times it had been easier for him to masturbate than to put the effort into making love to his beautiful wife.
He felt a wave of shame wash over him and as he looked into his wife’s deep beautiful eyes he could see how nervous she was. In that moment he said ok, how bad can it be to wear this thing for a week? Yes, I agree.

Jessica sprang on top of him with a renewed sense of excitement and energy, something he had not seen in a long time. She said it won’t be all bad I promise, let me show you. With that she undid the scarfs that were keeping him secured to the bed and placed his hands on her hips for him help support her as she sat astride his face and encouraged him to lick her pussy. She was already wet as his tongue began to explore her but as she watched his stiffening cock struggling to get hard and strain inside the device she has placed him in she felt herself become more wet and as her arousal grew she began grinding on his face. Shane couldn’t believe how wet she was and as she began forcefully pushing herself onto his mouth, moving back and fourth he heard her start moan.
He was struggling like crazy to find some sort of release to pressure he now felt around his cock but knowing he was unlikely to get any kind of relief he focused his attention on his wife.
He would move his hand up her now perspiring body to gently grope her pert breasts. He could feel how hard nipple was and when he pinched it slightly he would be rewarded a with fresh release of her pussy’s juice’s. He was now craving the taste of her and licked furiously. He could feel her grinding harder and harder, He could hear her moans becoming more urgent. He knew she was ready, so he clamped his mouth to her throbbing and pulsating pussy licking as furiously as he could. She screamed his name in delight and began to gush directly into his willing mouth.
Shane Swallowed every drop but did not let up for even a second making sure that he gave his wife as much pleasure he could before she collapsed on top of him gasping for air and struggling to recuperate from what had been a very intense orgasm.

After a minute of cuddling and catching her breath she turned to Shane and said you have no idea how much I want to feel that cock inside me now. I want to feel you cum inside of me, but I have promised myself a week and I will be strong.
Shane Was desperate He was still bulging inside the cage; his cock was throbbing, and his balls were burning like they were on fire where the device had been secured. Please he begged I need to cum. That was too much, I need to feel myself inside of you. I need, “no” she said cutting him off abruptly.
 You promised me a week and that you would not pester me to be let out. Now please honey this is all part of what I want you to understand, how I have been feeling. When I have laid in our bed yearning for your touch only to find a pair of your boxers in the washing the next day stained from your own self-indulgent pleasure. I need you to understand the frustration.
With that she rolled over, closed her eyes and asked him to cuddle her. As she lay there preparing to sleep she could feel the cold steel of the cage pressing into her bum, occasionally it would throb and jump about with frustration. She considered removing the device as she did want to feel him inside of her but determined she slowly drifted of to a very deep sleep having enjoyed one of the most satisfying orgasm’s she could remember.

Shane Lay there for an eternity, her words stinging and his arousal agony. He could not sleep, when he did his cock would grow in an attempt to get erect and before too long the burning sensation in his balls caused him to wake up. His guilt was washing over him in waves, but it did suit a purpose, He strengthened his resolve. He would make it through this week and as frustrated as he was it had been good to be able to focus on his wife’s pleasure. He has enjoyed being able to give her such a big orgasm and as much as this all felt strange he was starting to enjoy it.

Chapter 2 the week ahead coming soon…………
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