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Many years ago, I saw a picture of the cb2000 chastity belt in Maxim magazine.  Of course, they were making fun of it, but I knew instantly it was for me!
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We saw one on Uberkinky and thought it would it would be a laugh, It became so much more. Big Grin
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I started locking many years ago, back in the early 90s, with a home made affair - very simple indeed.

It was a net bag. The sort that you might get peanuts in for birds to feed, so quite strong.

I cut it shorter to just accommodate the package and threaded a brass chain round the edge and then popped it over the parts, pulled the chain tight and padlocked it. I could toilet with ease and it served well for quite along time.

Then I found "the other place" Wink and saw what was available in the CB range and just had to upgrade. It was a lot more expensive than my first one though.

I got to this forum through knowing the wonderful Mistress Jules in that other place Wink
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